Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why I choose Totobobo Mask?

Hello from New Zealand!

I live in a city called Christchurch which is still recovering from several big earthquakes. The air quality in NZ is not bad but because of the earthquakes there are a lot of heavy trucks and machinery around to help with the rebuild and also a lot of dust, especially in summer. I started biking to work a few weeks ago and decided to look into how to look after my lungs. Totobobo stood out as a clear winner with science backed research and a mask to fit any face. It also has the benefit of low resistance for breathing, something essential for exercise.

- Alyse (Totobobo's customer from New Zealand)

轉發微博: Jade_飘飘

昨天公司请医学博士、有名的@圣西睿智全科医生 来介绍如何应对北京空气污染,收益良多。与同在北京的人分享:
2.实验显示3M和Totobo牌N95口罩可过滤95%以上PM2.5 3.家里要买空气净化器,尤其儿童卧室[泪]

Air pollution in London

....I read up on anti-pollution masks, and it appeared that the best and most effective face mask for cycling was a Totobobo mask, as shown and modelled below:

Totobobo mask's founder will be conducting life demo of customizing Totobobo mask to fit individual users in Beijing and Shanghai.

Customer's comment from US - Jim (The Woodturner)

I have been using Totobobo masks for more than six years and will tell you it is the best dust mask l have owned. The cost and quality beats the competition. Totobobo is comfortable and easy to use, I can wear mine for hours with glasses.
Totobobo is a wonderful dust mask.

Jim the woodturner

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Latest Totobobo filter test report from Nelson Labs

Recently we received the final test report regarding F96 and F94 filters from Nelson Labs. The result summary (and link to the pdf):
F96 filter
Latex Particle Challenge Final report
Test particle size: 0.1μm
Filtration efficiency %: 99.86

F96 filter
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency.
Test particle size: 3 μm
Delta P: 11.4 Pa/cm2
Flow rate: 8 L/min
Filtration efficiency %: 99.9*

F96 filter
Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Final report
Test particle size: 3 μm
Filtration efficiency %: 99.9*

F94 filter
Latex Particle Challenge Final report
Test particle size: 0.1μm
Filtration efficiency %: 99.71

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to insert the Classic strap in 2014 new model of Totobobo mask